Be Delicious

I’m relatively new to Blender.

This is my interpretation of the “Be Delicious” campaign by DKNY.

My problems:

  1. Couldn’t find a free HDRI of New York. Any repository for free HDRI’s?
  2. I want to create a proper texture for the apple. Any good tutorial?
  3. I have two emitter planes but they can be seen in the reflection in the perfume bottle. Is there a way to keep just one object from reflecting another?

for your first post that’s excellent

  1. free hdri’s can be a pain to find and I don’t know of a site that has lots (most of the pay for sites will have 1 or 2 free ones)
  2. for tuts on mats check out blender guru and blender cookie and HERE is lots of good info and lots of free noodles :wink:
  3. hopefully covered from 2 but I’d look at the light paths node

blenders fun init

Very good job! But you could make it slightly less shiny.

try this if your are looking for a tutorial for apple material

Here is some sites with free HDRI maps.

Thanks heddheld.

Adam Szablewski, yes, I could dim the light a little bit.

rally86, that is a good tutorial but it generates a uniform texture just like mine, I’m looking for something with variations in tone, darker crevices, etc.

Thanks lucblend, I’ve already seen a couple of those. I’ll check the others.

The text looks delicious

You should use a texture for the apple, because those dots are very strange looking

Haven’t had time to work on this but here’s a new version.

Do the apples look more realistic now?

The big issue is the bump/displacement on the apple skin. It just jumps out and says “I’m CG”. Green apple skin is smooth, but these have bump that actually is closer to an orange. If it’s procedural bump just multiply it by a low number (.3 , .1, .01) If it’s a normal/bump map, turn the strength down. The good news is that all you have to do is decrease something you already have, not create anything new.

*Note the top apple:

Image 1) original
Image 2) Blurred to make it smoother (closer to a real apple) , of course you would turn down the bump to achieve this.
Image 3) Hue has been shifted to show how the skin bump is closer to that of an orange.

most excellent, what a great thread on apples…you’ve made me hungry.

What you see as bump is actually part of the skin texture. Not all green apples are uniform in color. This is the texture that I used.

You can say whatever you want, that texture is making the apple look fake. A color map with exaggerated contrast does the same exact thing as bump. Go buy a green apple and photograph it, it won’t have that much contrast between the highs and lows, not even close.

I would try another less contrasted image texture, or at least use a mix rgb node to mix a pure green back in. Do a side by side comparison of your apples as is, and with this node setup mixing green back into the color of texture. Keep all your glossy nodes the same.