Be member of our team!

Hello to all!

We are a team developing commercial add ons for known game. We are looking for a partner to be members of our team, for a long term partnership.

Our requirements are:

  • Able to deliver jobs on deadlines.
  • Follow strictly our guidelines.
  • Modelling in blender real life objects (low to mid poly models).
  • Create UVmaps and photorealistic textures.
  • Work from restricted resources.

To those who are interested in, we will set a task to create a sample under our guidelines to judge your work. It will be time restricted. We also interested in your portfolio.

This very serious to us, so please send me an email at ilias(at) with subject “For partner position” and text “I understand that this email exchange is strictly confidential”. Please sign the email with your real name. In my email response you get the details about us, how you get paid, and the task we require.

Best Regards to all!


PS: If you like, you can pm me your email and I will contacted you.

If your team is a long-term one, could you post some more details here?

As I said in my post, if you are interested in, you’ll get the details in my email response. Sorry, but in a commercial “play field” there are things that are under NDA. That’s why I’m asking to declare that what ever talks are confidential.

Hi to all!

I think I can give some more info. First of all, if you wonder who we are, please check our website.

The game we are creating add ons is X-Plane.

You can pm freely if you want any additional info.