"Beachful Bliss"

Enjoying the summer, so made a quick relaxing beach render.


@JackBowman101 this is amazing! Only the pineapple skin could be a litlle bit more bumpy or sticky - if I may say so…
I’m pretty sure you’ve had your reasons for what you’ve done… but just to let you know, I had a closer look at your amazing piece of work!
see ref for what i mean…

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Yeah I agree with you. I’ve been trying to make my renders in under 2 hrs, so I tend to get lazy with the finer details that take a little more time, but that is a great point.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Quick ?? In under 2 hours… :scream:… I’m jealous now… for not able to… (okay i try)… but for the cocktail and not being at the beach…

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Okay i should challenge myself more and not being jealous… Thank you very much @JackBowman101 for this insight. I’m a bit astonishes about myself… this usaully took days… especially the lighting . (I intentially rotated the second linked copy of the bottle because i totally missed that it was out of centre while modelling in proportinal edit)…

And sorry for hijacking this for my personal challenge (i addionally liked you other comment) :sweat_smile:.
A appreciate this even more now :heart_eyes: .

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Good job mate, Keep it up!