Beamer effect

Dear all,

I am trying to create a beamer effect in Blender by ataching a texture to a lamp.
I also want surrounding lights to affect the projected image (like in rl).
However there are some questions i can’t seem to figure out.

  • When i add a texture to a lamp object I want it to project white and black as well (just like a real beamer) and i want it to be a perfect square. The texture of the object I am projecting on should affect the beamed image but not completely change it.
    The way I have done it now, the texture appears a bit star shaped (not completely square).
    Also the black colors of my image are used as a transparent mask instead of being black.

  • I realy would like to know the connection between the number of ansi lumen of a real beamer and the blender lamp values so that i can make different realistic images for different types of beamers.

If anyone knows the answer to one of these questions I am forever grateful.

Thanks in advance


template.blend (560 KB)