I saw a bean crock like this sitting around the other day and thought it would be a good YafRay exercise.


Foh-toh-real. ALthough I guess using a wonderful wood texture to spiff up the pic is nothing original. But as You said, it’s just an excersise. Does it deserve a whole thread?
(Yeah, I’m bringing up an elitist att, don’t get me wrong, I really like the pic).

personally i think its a nice minimalistic scene…regardless of the fact that you were testing things.

The beans have waaay to much reflection in my opinion. I wouldn’t eat a bean that I could comb my hair in… :stuck_out_tongue: other than that, wonderful image.
Any chance of getting that wood texture? 8)

Well, they aren’t beans as in kidney beans. They are actually candy-coated peanuts, I think. My girlfriend got them on a trip to Boston; they came packaged in a little stoneware bean crock. I might have the reflection a bit high, but that’s roughly how they looked.

As for the wood texture, I found it at stock.xchng ( The image is at: