Bear Walk Cycle

It’s been a long time since I’ve practised 3D seriously (or even touched a 3D program…) due to being busy with 2D but this is the first project I’ve taken start to finish since then!

I spent 4 days on the model, texture, rigging and animation and then a couple more rendering. I know it’s pretty rough, and I’m not at all familiar with animation (first steps into it, really - in 3D anyway). But for a speed project, pretty happy with how it turned out! I learned a lot about cycles as well - it’s come along nicely since I last saw it.

Walk cycle:

Just in case anyone is interested in the static turntable:

Next project I’m determined to improve my animation skills as I think that’s what’s letting me down the most at the moment with 3D. Plus, I can happily spend hours animating!


This is excellent. The shoulder deformations especially look great. There seems to be some slight weirdness happening with the fur up at the peak of the shoulders/back though. It almost looks like it’s “popping” or “bubbling” (not sure how to describe it best) at the peak of the walkcycle, but I haven’t studied quadruped walkcycles though, so maybe it’s normal.

Thanks! Yeah I noticed that a little bit too late, I think I pushed the rig a bit too far on that front (shoulder going too far back) - only noticed it about 3/4ths of the way through rendering the clay fur shots, haha!