Bear's hair behaves weird


I made a bear and I added some hair to it. But when I comb it, some of the hair (namely on the forhead and on the area between the eyes and the nose) acts all weird. It’s kinda directed to the inside of the model. I didn’t find any way to comb it normally… Tried recalculating the normals, did all kinds of weird experiments with hair length/hair number/all kinds of other settings… The only way the hair works is when I don’t comb it at all. But, you know, I want my bear to be all disheveled and predatorey, so I need to comb the hair.
I watched some tutorials and waited for a part like “ok, so this is where it all screws up, here’s how to fix it”. But I found none of these. All the models in the tutorials can be combed perfectly from the beginning.

Halp plz?


PS. In the blend file there is no hair because the file size was too big. But if you add it, the problem will probably be there. I also sent you a render.

faes2.blend (727 KB)