Not sure on this been playing with it to long .
is it good or just ok ,c+c .
all done in blender


Hows this one .
cheers Ralph


Sorry forgot to add . He has 5 hair particle systems ,3on his body one on his face and one for the ears ,
rendered in cycles 300 samples with hdr background image.
render time 2 .48 mins i7k oc 4.4

The bear looks like a stuffed animal IMO. What material did you use for the eyes? I also think that the curls on the body don’t make too much sense, you could try to control them with a vertex group or just use a simple wave instead of the curls. And consider adding more hair children and longer hair for a denser fur. I think the fur needs some fine-tuning - brushing, length, etc. For examle, the fur needs to be darker, shorter and smoother at the paws, and longer, shaggier and clumped at the back.

Here are some nice references: (perfect pose IMO)

thanks .i could not get the fur right thats why i changed the name to beast