Beating the RVK Limit?

Hey all,

I’ve searched and searched and can’t find an answer to this problem. I’ve been adding RVKs onto my humanoid model and discovered there is an apparent limit to the number of keys Blender will support completely.

After adding 250 shape keys, Blender will allow me to keep adding keys, however the slider controls next to the keys no longer appear.

I know it’s a really obscure and minor problem that most people will never face, but is there a work around for this problem? If not, it would be awesome to have this in 2.5!

Thanks for any help you can give.


In converting some cloth sims to shape keys I have often exceeded this apparent limit,. but since I do all my shape key editing for the conversions in the IPO Editor window, it hasn’t been an issue. So as a workaround, consider using the IPO Editor and not the sliders.

Ah! Thank you. =) I’ve never used IPOs for RVK animation, but it’ll be a perfect time to learn.

Thanks a lot!


also check out AniSculpt for handling large numbers of shape keys. he uses a shape key for every frame of a movie, so I’m sure he uses >250. each shape has an influence that jumps to 1 for its frame, then back to 0.