"Beatrice" Pixel Art like animation acheved with blender

The tools used were Blender2.79, Sonar x2 and Sony vegas 12.
The project took about a week to finish

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Really interesting. Can you tell more about the process? Was ‘pixelation’ filter applied in Blender or later?

This is really great! It brings me back to the good 'ol days – games I grew up with.

Awesome! I too would love to know how this effect was achieved.

Thanks for the responses!

As for the process, the pixelization was done by rendering each .PNG frame in a tenth of Standard 1080 with no Anti aliasing and then adding the resulting low res take to Blender’s Video Editor and converting it back to Full 1080 (to retain the pixelated look).
The reason i wanted to do this more complicated process instead of just using the Pixelate Node fom the Compositing is that it makes the render way slower since blender is still rendering everything in high res needlessly.
Also, in vegas it was necessary to disable “resampling” to prevent unnecessary motion blur from messing up the Low FPS stilted motion style.

This video is actually part of a game currently in development.

Seriously cool. I like the blending of the pixel art with the 3d feel, particularly when he stands up in the grassy field.

Awesome, I’ve never seen something like this done in blender.

Never saw someone that used a 3D program to create this kind of look. Very fresh and creative idea!

That grass field was quite the trick since i was using actual simulated Hair particles, so it took a long time to render even with a very low resolution.
I created a small area with lots of grass and just repositioned it acording to the shot

oh by the way, the render engine wasnt Cycles, it was blender internal for performance and aesthetical reasons