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Heya, this is something new that I’m working on, the blue color is a dominance in my other works so I threw it in here too.

these are two versions with some post on them.
this is the actual render:

No comments :C

Alpha, absolutely love it! Well, I know, I’m pathetic at modelling, but the model really has potential! However,you should apply some normal and bump maps to the wood…and texture the keys.

And god knows how many times I’ve been plagued by the ‘no comment’ phobia. Your picture is noticed, it’s just that people ‘silently’ approve it, and want to see more, so even on arelatively empty thread, keep posting progress regularly, and you’ have a dedicated troup’e of people following and commenting in no time…

I know its a pain but take the time and get the key letters on there. Ohterwise its gonna be hard to do any typing on that keyboard:) Great render Swaschan above is right no comments isnt a bad thing…people do notice just keep truckin:P

dont be afraid to keep adding detail. For example, the line out for the laptop doesnt look like its realistically being connected to the headphones. Modeling the rubber input shape thats at the end of the headphone cord is needed. The reflection on the earpad on the headphones is probably not that glossy, if at all (dont know though, use monsters, not what they make for dre…those headphones can get you shot over here in LA). The laptop also probably doesnt have that kind of pronounced left and right mouse click under the trackpad.

Acutally, Derek if the laptop’s been modelled from a reference, it shouldn’t be a pain at all to get the keys on there.