Beauty and the Beast Triptych

Recent illustration.

Aged wood relief, dusty, with cobwebs, as if discovered hidden away in the corner of an estate.

24" x 36" poster prints at:

Most of the modeling was worked with Zbrush. The remaining modeling Blender. The texturing, lighting, and rendering were completed in Blender.


That’s pretty cool looking. I like the materials/spiderwebs/dust effects. Great work!:clap:

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Holy Crap! This is awesome!

Thanks, ArtAve.! The kind words are much appreciated!

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Thanks, Timothy! If you’d care to see more, check out my other work at:

Great style and storytelling in this. Nice touch with the cobwebs :smiley: (Any tips on how to make those? lol)

Also technically impressive, very telling of your individual skillset

Thanks, Null_Dispatch! Yeah, the cobwebs were very tricky. I ended up using a mix of approaches. Some were image textures. Gleb Alexandrov’s guidance was very helpful for that approach. Some started as bezier curves or extruded vertices. But most began as grease pencil. Grease pencil is not the most efficient technique for webs. Very tedious. However, pencil did afford me a lot of control. There is a addon on the market for automated webs. Looks very promising. But I opted against for this project.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re #featured! :+1:

Wow—astonishing! Cheeky request for some sort of brief talk-through video describing some of your techniques and processes; would love to learn from you. I do understand, though, that one must be careful revealing one’s secret sauce…

Awesome work.

Impressive and detailed look.

Challenge: Repeat with dynasculpt :slight_smile:

Just stunning. So much wonderful detail and it is all cohesive. I love everything about this.

trully amazing, so much details .

Nothing short of a masterpiece

Thank you very much for the feature! Much appreciated! I frequent blendernation daily. A must site for blenderheads!

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Thank you very much, Gable. I’d love to breakdown the process. I just have to find the time. Life’s pretty busy these days.

Andrew Price’s tutorials were a tremendous help (they always are!) for this art. His dust tutorial and wood texturing tutorials are excellent. I can’t recommend them enough.

Also, if interested, you can check out some of my other blender and illustration work at:

Thanks, Xortag!

Also, if interested, you can check out some of my other blender and illustration work at:

Thank you!

Much appreciated!

what a detail, beautiful