Bedroom Blender and Corona Render

(julioras) #1

Hello everyone, I was studying a little about Corona Render and would like to share my results.

Hope you like it !

Softwares: Blender, Corona Render, Marvelous and PS

Mail: [email protected]

Portfólio http:


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(ShadowCamero) #3

Nice job! This is really stunning. :slight_smile:

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(2eminent) #5

cool …eye candy :slight_smile: …congrats awesome work, love to see more corona work.

(Ludovic_L) #6

Really really nice. Hope to see some more great work from you.

(julioras) #7

thanks ShadowCamero

thanks marcoso
each image took around 45 minutes

Thanks 2eminent

Thanks Ludovic_L

I am preparing a larger project,

(julioras) #8

A little about my new project, I have a lot to do still

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(TrakJohnson) #10

Awesome work!

(julioras) #11

thanks TrakJohnson

(marcoso) #12

Can you tell more about the lighting?

(julioras) #13

The lighting is not very secret, I use just a sun lamp, I have a control over it through Expusori, white balance, Contrast

(2eminent) #14

mind blowing :yes: … thanks for inputs ! & 45 minutes per image awesome
whats your system specification ! its cpu rendering !! plz replay

(2eminent) #15

ok, i get it… its intel i7 870 & cpu rendering ! :eyebrowlift2:

(the muslim) #16

Hi Julio! I like your portfolio. Its so great. And I saw your bedroom renders which rendered with Corona render. I loved Corona when I saw Corona gallery. So, I’ve got problems with installation Corona for Blender. I saw and done step by step as written by ohsnapitsjoel on official thread BA and Corona web too. But I’ve still problem. My specs:Cpu>Intel Pentium 3.0ghz, Vga>8600gt ddr3, RAM>1GB ddr2 800mhz (I know its so low). So, please, can you send me your used “Corona Blender version Corona exporter” as “All-in-One archive”.P.s.: I saw Corona has two build: legacy and standard standalone. I didn’t found Legacy version.I hope you’ll help me. Thanks.

(maraCZ) #17

Great renders! I like them all!
What version of Corona do you use? What exporter? Is it stable?

(the muslim) #18

Hi again. Now I installed Corona, but I cannot understanding some options.what are options did you used for rendering this great project? what is means UHD Cache options step by step?