Bedroom Models for Short Clip

Hey i’m still working on learning blender and such so me and some other guys are making a short movie clip :slight_smile: and i thought this would be a great way to learn so i’ll be using this to show off the things i’m in charge of making for scene 2 :smiley:

C & C’s are welcome

#Basic Book Case__

#Basic Window__

Alright just finished this end table for the bed…that i’m curently textureing :smiley:

#End Table#

C & C’s welcome!

No crits from over here!
Looks great so far, keep it up! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m guessing theses are not to size, or else that’s one teeny window…

Just wondering…is that the way the grain is supposed to be running. It seems like it would be more sturdy if the grains were running side to side.

Thanks all, i’m still a n00b and know nothing when it comes to texture yet :slight_smile: i’ll change the wood grain

Alright if you look at the end table again the grain is the right what :slight_smile:

Definately an improvement from the lizard! Keep it up!!! :smiley:

Alright another update: a computer desk designed by my friend, we worked on this for an hour colaberating and sketching :smiley:

#Computer Desk#

C & C’s Welcome!

Edit: Added shelf border thickness

Looks good :slight_smile:

Edit: Maybe add some reflections to make it look polished and that is has a finish :slight_smile:

Good idea :smiley: i’ll add that in later

Alright, havnt updated for a bit but i made a Trashcan :stuck_out_tongue: nothing special but hey, these are my first things made in blender i’m now on week 2 of learning :smiley:

I also added a polished finish to the Computer Desk :smiley:


EDIT: For more a more updated source go to:

(domain name coming soon for Frosted Media)

First of all, very good starts there! Congrats! I’ll be asking you questions when I actually get into rendering and such. :slight_smile:

Now for some suggestions/ critiques:

There are some proportion problems with your models. Now before I go on, I need to ask what the goal of this clip is. Is it supposed to be realistic, or animation/cartoonish. Either way, being consistent will be key to creating a convincing illusion.
So, without further ado…

The window is either very very small, or the frame is much much too thick, if you are going for realism. If you want to exagerate things, then you are on the right track, but you will need to be sure to do so with all of your project: consistency!

Here is something to help with the visual:

The edges of the desk are not all the same width and there are some things that do not make very good sense, imo.
Here is what I mean:
One thing that you could do to balance the left side of your desk is to remodel that side to have more narrow drawers and have an open sliding shelf/drawer for a printer (what are those shelves called?). Just a suggestion.
I hope these things help. What you have there is looking great, keep it up!

[edit]I like the waste basket! :smiley: [edit]

Wow thanks, the movie has to do with a kid in a wheelchair (this is a comedy) thats why the desk isnt pulled out and i understand the bookshelf thinkness thank you, also i will size down the droors. this desk was designed on paper first to get exact sizes exaple: 4x4 sqaures of graph paper would = 1 BU (Blender Unit) it was designed to be easy for him, i’ll change these things on the desk and add the computer :slight_smile: as for the window… i’v been meaning to and the thickness part is because that part will be in the wall, but its just more uneeded stuff i know :slight_smile: after these i got 5 more designs i got to model :slight_smile: expect a bed soon aswell and this movie project is really taking off.

Thanks a whole lot man :slight_smile:

EDIT: that space under divides his wheelchair place from teh computer tower btw

I really like the materials and reflection you used for the desk. I think it’s right on. A couple of notes, I do construction for a living and have installed alot of windows. If you are taking into account the thickness of the wall the exterior part of the window is ok, but the interior parts of the window that divide the glass need to be much thinner than what you currently have.
Also, if he is in a wheel chair, space under the desk is even more important…

Great work!

MAJOR UPDATE!, Alright i have modifyed the desk perfectly (but i decided to keep the space under there cuz of the movie :wink: ) i changed the window but it doesnt look to great on an angle and will be much better onced placed in the scene. i have finished a somewhat base for the Bed prop :smiley: and here it is!


Dont worry, soon to come will be Fluffy Pillows a smoother Matress and matching Sponge Bob Sheets :smiley:

EDIT: Also expect that desk to have a computer :slight_smile:

So… where are you at with this?? :smiley: