:frowning: saving as an exr file gives very very different appearance.

Need to follow many steps in Affinity Photo to get a 90% identical image I assume if I followed ALL the steps to the end I would have a 100% identical image but I got tired.

inspired by /r/archviz
using assets from:



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Assets used:

Some of the objects can be downloaded in blender format from my sketchbooks on blenderartists forum:

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I like the render, but I wonder what are the advantages of saving as an EXR and how does this affect your post processing? I know it gives more dynamic range, but is it worth the hassle compared to saving as a tiff or raw or something?

One of the compression options on EXR gives a very small file size while keeping the dynamic range. Iโ€™m low on hard drive space. Iโ€™m low on Google Drive cloud storage space. I use Google Drive for backups and my internet is very very slow to upload so I strongly prefer smaller files.

I honestly havenโ€™t needed that extra range except for really dark or really bright scenes which I have really only ever created as tests.


Very beautiful work!
I love the evolution of the image as it progressed. One thing I noticed is that the artwork on the wall is empty. The vases seem a little odd and one on the floor is empty. Also plant by the window cuts through the curtain (by the way very nice curtain).

These were with HDRI san guiseppe bridge at 40 strength, 0 rotation; exposure 0, view transform filmic, look medium high contrast.

Fixed missing transparency on the mix after the translucency on the lamp shades.

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Amazing work. It looks very real and comfortable.

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