:frowning: saving as an exr file gives very very different appearance.

Need to follow many steps in Affinity Photo to get a 90% identical image I assume if I followed ALL the steps to the end I would have a 100% identical image but I got tired.

inspired by /r/archviz
using assets from:



I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Assets used:

Some of the objects can be downloaded in blender format from my sketchbooks on blenderartists forum:

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I like the render, but I wonder what are the advantages of saving as an EXR and how does this affect your post processing? I know it gives more dynamic range, but is it worth the hassle compared to saving as a tiff or raw or something?

One of the compression options on EXR gives a very small file size while keeping the dynamic range. I’m low on hard drive space. I’m low on Google Drive cloud storage space. I use Google Drive for backups and my internet is very very slow to upload so I strongly prefer smaller files.

I honestly haven’t needed that extra range except for really dark or really bright scenes which I have really only ever created as tests.


Very beautiful work!
I love the evolution of the image as it progressed. One thing I noticed is that the artwork on the wall is empty. The vases seem a little odd and one on the floor is empty. Also plant by the window cuts through the curtain (by the way very nice curtain).

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These were with HDRI san guiseppe bridge at 40 strength, 0 rotation; exposure 0, view transform filmic, look medium high contrast.

Fixed missing transparency on the mix after the translucency on the lamp shades.



Amazing work. It looks very real and comfortable.

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2022-07-21 00_45_55
2022-07-21 00_41_31

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new laptop

I can actually see what I’m doing now

I don’t like what I see, but it only took me 50 seconds to get to see it so I’m more inclined to just throw away whatever I don’t like. Very different feeling from having to wait 3/6/9/12 minutes for a test render.

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In cycles, at render, not comp’ed, kinda looks like blooooommm

I’m tempted to say F**K hdri haven. There is something magical about the non pre-exposed and non white balanced hdri’s in the Photographer add-on.

"\2022\hippy-bedroom-boho\hippy bedroom 3 new layout and lighting.blend"