Blender 2.73 and Cycles

Impressive renders like every time.
One question: how do you make this bed covers?

Nice work as always! Settings?
P.s.: Why do you still using old version of Blender?

He use a special Version with White Value slider under Color Mangement.

Photorealistic! Impressive, Julioras. Excellent shading and texturing. I love the plant :wink: Congratulations!

@ArcHWiZ Blender is not good for cloth simulation,You can use Marvelous Designer to have a better result

@Odilkhan Yakubov I use a special version, it contains white value it is very important to me.

@Mr. Chuan Thank you very much

Hey man, impressive renders, I like the colors and environment a lot! However I would like to suggest you to try make them more real than now. If you want apply those suggestion, if you want skip them, your choice. But because it’s open community, and we always share I would like to say that.

  • If you could work more on the main coverlet mesh and repair those glitch geometry at the end and overall
  • If you could work a bit more on cube furniture and make it even with more soft edges and more bumpy. Like now is looking soft but same time is not. I’m not confident looking on this furniture as real now. The feeling is really sharp.
  • And the third suggestion goes to window and the light. There is a place where the light totally burns everything on top. If you could reduce this feeling of light burning to the normal levels that will makes your render several times better.

Keep creating. You have really nice pieces and totally like them all! Good luck from me.

Thanks for your comment @ivaydesign Yes, i agree with you some things could be improved. I’ll watch for this in the next work thanks

Pretty fantastic rendering. I am always amazed how much the camera response filters help.

Would you mind sharing a trimmed down version of your scene? I am really curious about how you set the lights etc.

Or could you post a raw rendering without any color management being used?

@cekuhnen Thank you

You can download the partial file this link,enjoy…!b4E2xDqL!CSeQmmObV-wj2Lyq1jsWGmkOe57diYm7eGnBaFmVG8k


man thank you :wink:

Great job as always, 5 stars!

it is impressive as you achieve with relatively simple shaders realistic renders

Yeah I think the trick is really tone mapping to get the desired look and color realism.

Just a fantastic work !

What does this “white value” exactly do? Can You post the render without using it? Could You let me know how it works (how to achieve white value in newer blender versions)? BTW GREAT RENDER!

You can try it yourself. Overexpose your image and then you can find under colormangement —> use curves
the wihte levels. Just higher the numbers for RGB. The effect is u have a brighter render but no pure white or burning out areas.

@lucasfalcao Thanks bro

@ArcHWiZ Yes I just use simple materials

@adivaki Thanks

@krsblend "white value"you find in color colormangement,in a trial version. but you can have the same result using curves