Hi everyone, I just finished another personal project!

Inspired in two things that I really like, fixed gear bikes and vegan pizza!

It was done using Blender 2.8 Beta, Substance Painter and the Auto Eye.

Some textures were Painted in Substance Painter and other were created in Blender using maps and procedural texturing, render in Cycles.

Hope you like it and feel free to comment or ask anything. :slight_smile:



Looks great, the bike especially! We’ll have to collaborate in the future.
With me being a bike guy too, my latest personal project is a film with a strong cycling influence.



That’s fantastic - the hair, the hint of a “farmers tan” on the arms.

There’s only minor quibble, really just a pet peeve: lenses on glasses aren’t flat.

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Okay I really have to give you some feedback regarding the fixed gear ratio bike. I mean why wouldt you even want to use a fixed gear ratio bike? :grin:
I mean either you need way to much strength to get uphill or just start going, when you stopped at a red light or something or you’ll need to pedal like a madman at high speeds. :sweat_smile:
waves sarcasm sign

But without kidding … I’d be actually curious, what the benefit of a fxed gear ratio bike is. I like my transmission a lot.

Thumps up on the vegan pizza and general artwork. The hair looks gorgeous (altough I personally’d have added a few more “rouge” hairs to indicate she’s currently biking), I really like the choice+execution of clothing and the skin is just gorgeous.

Last but not least: I’m missing a pinch of motion blur on other aspects of your model to be honest. With only the tires and street moving, it looks a bit artificial …

Looks amazing! The attention to detail is stunning.

Thank Timothy! Please send me the link of your film. :slight_smile:

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@dgorsman Thank you! I didn’t modeled the lenses completly flat, but it’s not very easy to lighting everything nicely and also have nice reflections on the lenses to show the curvature better.

Because it’s really fun! :grin: If you use a comfortable ratio uphills aren’t that bad, but I ride more on the city and there isn’t too much extreme uphills. Thank you for the comment!

@LG_787 Thanks for the comment!

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Outstanding work! Me being myself a fixed gear rider! Thumbs up!!! GJ!

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They’re popular with couriers, who mostly deal with flat ground and want that high gear ratio right away, without the complexity of a gear changer. Most of them have legs like speed skaters so there isn’t much disadvantage.

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yeah … okay I get it. That just isn’t a viable option in the places I live in. ^^; All the cities I have lived in had quite some hills.

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Thank you Radut!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bart!

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Love the motion in this. Awesome stuff. :ok_hand:

phenomenal character modeling and rigging :slight_smile:

You’re #featured! :+1:

Good job, i like it!

And seriously, there should be more bike renders at BA :slight_smile:

Big thanks Bart!

@pancake_manicure thank you! :ok_hand:

@DNMDG thanks!

@Netrieb more bike renders, totally agree!


Awesome fixie!

I have a sneaking suspicion that the spoke pattern might be wrong on the back wheel, but I doubt anyone would care. And that is such a small criticism that it shouldn’t count. I also have a need for N+1 bikes in my own household…

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Wow. Such a great piece. Thanks for sharing.

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