Beefy animation tutorials

Hi Blenders head.

Here is a full tutorial serie I’ve recorded showing you the whole process to create a run cycle in blender with curve matching. I hope to be able to record more tutorial in this way.

twitter :

If you take the class, I’d like you to post your WIP and animations here so that you can get feedback from the community.

The animation was done with the help of Luciano Munoz who provided the rig and some nice feedback.

You get the full tutorial for free (but I won’t be armed if you by me a cofee) :

Get Luciano’s rig here :


Thanks for the tutorial, and the rig.!

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Nice stuff! I downloaded the rig I cant wait to try it out!

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The rig works very well ! I wonder if the Ultimate Bony rig/model exists somewhere for Blender.

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