Beeping sound coming from computer while rendering with Eevee? Worried about damage to computer

While rendering with Eevee in Blender 2.8 there is a beeping sound from inside the computer case that seems to correlate with each rendered frame. I think it’s the motherboard but am not certain. According to the fan monitoring software the CPU was around 60 degrees.

What’s going on? This doesn’t happen when running Cycles with GPU.

Motherboard x570 Aorus Master
PSU Corsair HX1200
AMD 3950X cooled by Kraken X63 with 4 front fans in push-pull

EDIT Here’s the sound

It’s gonna blow!!!

What PSU are you using? If it’s a long, continuous beeping it could be low wattage. What GPU have you got?

Being a rasterization engine, Eevee only uses the power of the GPU to render. CPU power is still needed to handle high scene complexity as the geometry must be prepared by the CPU before rendering each frame.

In short: CPU is still needed to prep the scene, GPU is used to render it.

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They are short beeps that seem evenly spaced.

PSU is Corsair HX 1200 Watts and GPU is Asus ROG STRIX RTX 2080TI Overclocked 11G.

Did you check the bios? It might be set to beep at 60C?

I’ve had the beeping on a faulty PSU before but that was only at startup.

Also, you should look up your specific bios beep codes.

I checked the bios and the temperature warning for cpu and everything else is set to disabled.

Here’s a recording of the sound. The beep seems to occur each time Eevee finishes rendering a single frame

It does not sound like it’s coming from the PSU.

I am looking at the Gigabyte BIOS beep codes FAQ and it’s not really clear

If it’s a short beep which I think it is then according to this FAQ it can be a memory error, memory parity check error, basic memory address check error, real time clock lamfunction, cpu error, keyboard error, cpu interruption error, graphic card error, cmos error, capu cache memory malfunction.

I’m not sure what else I should monitor to figure this out.

Have a read here:

The symptoms being described in the evga thread seem different. I’ve heard the whine and buzzing type noises but if you listen to the link I posted above it’s a clear and discreet beep that coincides with each frame Eevee completes rendering in an animation.

I’ve tried simplifying everything by rendering a single basic mesh and the beeps still occur. I am not certain it’s actually an issue but don’t want to risk anything if it is.

I’m not sure if there’s what else I should be monitoring to see if some problem is occurring. My fear is if something breaks or burns up. I never noticed this with Cycles.

EEVEE is kiling cards… situation? :open_mouth: :thinking:

This is alarming and exactly the type of thing I’m worried about.

I’ve noticed fan RPM increasing with Cycles but never heard the beeping. I’m using a well spec’d machine with a 1200W PSU and RTX 2080TI.

The Eevee beeping I’m describing happens when rendering frames of a mesh without any keyframes or motion. That’s as basic as it can get. Rendering animatiion with Eevee seems to trigger the sound. I haven’t noticed the sound with games either.

Listening again, it sounds similar to a 2080 I had at the start of this year. It wasn’t quite beeping - more like ‘zip…zip…zip’ - and occured when I was GPU baking and rendering. Maybe it’s supposed to sound like that?

It’s possible. I have heard sounds coming from the machine while running a game. I did hear some other noises from the coomputer a couple months ago after assembling the computer that seemed to be related to Windows 10 power management settings but I haven’t noticed them since tweaking OS settings.

This specific sound is only occurring when Eevee is rendering.

Try to render the viewport, instead of the full (F12) render… and see if the beeping still happens…

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That is strange? Do you have UE4/Unity/other GPU real-time renderer installed? Maybe check there. Weird that’s it’s only happening with eevee.

Interesting. I tried your suggestion and I didn’t hear the sound.

What could this indicate?

Not to my knowledge, no.

That is just coil whine noise from your GPU. While it is unpleasant it is harmless to your hardware. Also you cant really do anything about it ( other than buying another one and pray it doesnt whine). On my GPU Octane also coil whines whereas Cycles doesnt not.
The game menu of the first Crysis game can produce crazy sounds if you want to switch to some other noise for a change :slight_smile:

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