Beer Bottle and different labels

Hi! I want to share this work made for a GD, it consisted on replicate Bottles and Labels.
Everything was made in blender 2,93 and rendered in Cycles.

I used the always useful Photographer from @chafouin, scatter 5 beta for the drops from @BD3D, for the labels and glass crowns decal machine from @MACHIN3, and flip flupids for the fluid simulation @RLGUY.

Hope you like it!



Really well made! I want a beer now.

@MACHIN3 :joy:

I did this over summer days so you can Imagine :smiley:

Thanks and cheers!

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Love how they all turned out! Excellent work.

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@RLGUY thank you! :smile:

One extra detail shot :slight_smile:

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Great looking renders! Well done!

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Thanks @ibotpl :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thank you @bartv!!

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Some extra detail shoots on main porst :slight_smile: