Beetle Car

This is a “car” i have been working on for a while. Do you lie it?

interesting design … I like it but I dont lie it :wink:

hehe nice! thats one big road for a huge ‘car’ :smiley: nice design. maybe to get rid of that grain put more samples? :slight_smile:

Nice… you should keep refining it for the next F1 contest. The “future ship” model on your mudpuddle album has even more potential for this contest! Keep workin’ it!

Thanks for your comments guys
Cramer3D yes it’s an interesting design indeed
Mark62756: I don’tknow all the technical terms yet so i have no idea what that means could you please explain :-?
Mzungu: I have tried several attempts for a F1 car but I’m still sketchin things until I’m glad with a design.(I have about 20 sketches scattered in my room :o )

he he, very nice

the road is a bit big though


Pretty sleek and has a good futuristic feel, but the road is just way too wide compared to it.