*BEGINNER ALERT* Manipulating vertices of a bezier curve?

I am trying to design a branch. I started with a bezier curve and increased the depth so it resembles more a tube. I want the end of the tube to finish in a vertex, a point. Can this be done with a bezier curve?

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You can do this from the N-panel in Edit mode. Select the control point you want to modify and adjust the Radius slider in the Transform panel. The hotkey for this operation is Alt+S.

Note that a curve can’t have a Y joint, would need to use intersecting splines. It’s also good to keep an eye on the resolution, especially before converting to mesh if that is in the workflow.

If that is a problem, an alternative way is to use vertices and edges to make a skeleton structure, skin modifier to give it thickness, and subdivision surface for more geometry and to smooth the forms. Ctrl+A scales vertices when skin modifier is used.

Might also want to check what generator addons there are. Sapling tree generator comes with Blender.

Making a drawing and posting a photo of it is not a bad idea, I’m having trouble reading it though. Text in an image is not a great idea handwritten or otherwise, because you don’t have autocorrection tools while writing, and can’t paint the text and do a google search for terminology, or do a translation, if needed. It would be clearer to use numbering or big letters to mark key points in an image and then write the text separately. The numbering or letters would also work when refering to your image when answering, “the joint above #3 will be hard because…”.

Just a tip, not a critique. Your post is better illustrated than most, and in this case an example .blend file is not needed like it usually is. More about that in the tutorial linked in my signature, for future questions. In a nutshell, images help you explain, and a .blend file helps everyone else to troubleshoot and produce visuals when they answer.