Beginner camera question

Hello All,

I am a blender beginner, a few days into this wonderful program.

But I have hit my first major snag.

I am trying to render a fluid animation i made following a tutorial. I baked the scene, and can see the progression of the wire frame nicely as I play around. I even rendered a bit but found I didn’t like where my camera was. So I went and played with it, a bit too much it seems, because when I tried to render the scene again I did so to no avail.

A little investigation later, and I found I had deleted my camera. I tried to put in a new camera (space --> add --> camera) to no avail. I had a window up that let me manipulate camera position, rotation, and scale (not sure how I got there…) and when I went to put in the replacement camera I got nan’s for the locations.

If you need more info, please ask, and any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, and have a great day.

When you added a new camera, it was inserted at the cursor position, which may have been at the origin point 0,0,0 (and facing the ground). So it may be hidden under your mesh.

Anyway, to position the camera, press Numpad 0 to enter camera mode, then Shift + F to enter fly mode. From there you can control the camera (position and rotation) with both the mouse and the keyboard.

As for the window that let’s you modify attributes, you probably pressed N.

P.S. If you don’t find your camera, you can press Numpad 0 and RMB the outer square (the “objective lens”). Now the camera is selected and when you’re out of camera mode, you’ll be able to see its positioning controls and you’ll be able to use G and R as well.

You can also select “Camera” within the Outliner and play with numpad 7, 1 and 3 with some zooming backwards till you see your camera.

Another very handy trick, is to manipulate the “view camera” (i.e. “builtin” “camera” when you’re not looking through an actual camera), using the usual alt + (shift) LMB controls, then select the view menu / align view / align active camera to view (or CTR-ALT-NUMPAD0).

You can also add multiple cameras, select which ever one you want to be active with RMB, then press NUMPAD-0 to make that camera active

This is fine to know Mike-S!