[Beginner coding skills needed] I'm looking for someone to write an addon

I need someone to write an addon, it could even be your first addon since it is presumably simple. (No new algorithims and only calling already existing functions in blender, and I will give you the icons)
All what is needed is an addon with it’s own pannel and a layout similar to the new T pannel.

It adds all the options in the select menu on a sidebar with icons, which is very useful as you don’t always remember what all the options are, or that they are there, and with this toolbar it would be more intuitive to see what each function does.

I know it has been 1 month since you have posted this, but if you are still searching for someone to help. Contact me.

Greetings OneOrk

Hi, I still need help and I’m glad you replied, I’ve sent you a message with some details