beginner human attempt

I have attempted to make a human model. I am not very experienced with blender. Please critique the body. I know there is a lot of work that still needs to be done, especially the legs.


the neck needs to come in much more at the back. It’s almost a straight line between the back and head on yours - there should be a marked curve. The lower spine also has more of a curve

Sometimes its better to do it the easy way:

I think you are going to have a hard time correcting the shape with all of that geometry. One thing that I have learned is to keep the model as low poly as you can until the shape and proportions are correct and then to add detail only in areas that are necessary.

Here are some links that I hope will be useful to you. Some are at Blender Newbies and to view the pictures you have to be a member. It is well worth signing up. They are very helpful to those starting out.

Box Modeling

The Form

After practicing making forms you might want to look at this thread.

Poles, Loop and Flow

Here is a couple from Subdivision Modeling that are great as well.

Advice For Starters
The Form

I really hope this helps you out.

Thanks guys,the tips and the links are great. I am in the process of looking at them all.