Beginner/Intermediate Wanted

Hey there. We are a group of two people who are looking to improve our skills in game creation. Currently, we are looking for someone who wants to practice designing and animating characters and objects for a game we are creating. We have a few models developed but need animations to bring the game to life. This is very laid back group. I create and texture the models, another individual creates the environment in UE4 and codes the project, and you would animate the models to perform different actions.

If you would be interested please send me a message on here; we would be glad to have you on board!

I’ve gone through your requirement. I’d be interested to work in your project.
Here’s my portfolio
Hopefully you will accept my application and we can collab to work together well.
Please contact me through my mail
[email protected]
Thank you,
Nikhil krishnan

Hey, I noticed that you wanted a beginner or an intermediate. I would be interested in doing this. Contact me by [email protected]

Great, send me a pm with your discord ID


Good to hear it. If you could send me a pm with your discord ID that would help speed up the onboarding process.


nikhil4179643#0248 is my discord id