Beginner question about making a special dice

I’m having trouble conceptualizing the probability of these dice, I want to know if the way I’ve made them still allows each side to be landed on with an equal chance. If they don’t how can I fix them? and is there a better way to make a dice like this? I’m attempting to replicate the reference in the image.

Thanks in advance for any comments or advice!

Interesting question but I don’t really have an answer on the probability front. I would guess that if it’s symmetrical then the chances of landing on each face of the same type ought to be the same even if the chances of landing on faces of different types is not the same.

BTW, “dice” is plural. A single one is called a “die”. Roll one die or two dice etc.

Noted, is there a way to match the surface area of each face? or to match the shared angles between a bunch of faces? I assume that would effect things

How can you tell which way is up? There are so many facets but one thing I noticed was the circles are curved, so the dice will never lay on those areas.

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