Beginner Sculpture! My very first!

Thanks to some tutorials online I was able to finally understand how to sculpt detail and texture it! I only had a problem with figuring out how to paint the teeth? can anyone suggest some ideas…?

You’ll need to either make material indices ( vertex groups for materials ), use vertex paint which would probably work fine for a model with so many polygons, or UV map him. UV mapping is alot to dive into just to get his teeth the right color, but you’ll need it over and over, so best to learn sooner than later.

sweet thanks for the help! I thought about UV unwraping him but I mostly textured him with matcaps set at “normal” mapping… so i was scared to unwrap and alter him before but vertex painting seems promising! thank you

I just tried vertex painting and for some reason I can’t paint anything on it? I applied my multi res modifier and for some reason I can’t paint on the model, at all…
Well back to the tutorials for me…

Vertex paint does not like modifiers. They tend to confuse it because they make “fake” vertices. You will likely need to apply all modifiers. Make sure you save your work first.

Aright thanks I will work on it later thank you