Beginner's question: How do I make half round bevels for text?


I want to make some text with a half round bevel. How do I go about?
Is it done by using a bump map, or can it be done using the modeling tools?
I already searched the forum, but couldn’t find an answer to this specific
problem. I also searched YouTube for some tutorials, but the only one that covers
bevels was much too fast. I am using Blender 2.76b.



The built-in text object has beveling built right into it, have you tried it?

Yes, of course, but what I’m looking for is a half round bevel (see image).


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perhaps alt+c (mesh from curve) after beveling the text. Then delete the half, select edges and insert new faces (alt+f)


text.blend (658 KB)

Hi Ray,

thanks for your recommendation & the .blend file. I will try that.