Beginning Modeling Final Project - Birdie

Hi! :slight_smile: I’m brand new to blender… please assist me with any feedback on my model, keeping in mind that I am an absolute beginner still. I appreciate your help.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Its a very good effort.

For a ‘First Piece’ i can see you have some good potential but we are going to see more from you.
Your general topology outlook is good from what i can see. Quite creative.

I advise looking into the ‘mirror’ modifier and ‘set smooth’ options.

You just need to ‘stick’ with it and read up on as much info as you can, whenever you feel the need. Learn at your own pace.

Hi, Thanks a lot for your reply and suggestions! I’m very eager to learn more:)
I have a problem when setting smooth…something’s going on with the eye sockets. I tried removing doubles, flipping normals, clearing it, but i’m not sure this is the way to go. It’s still looking funny…
Is there any way I can fix it? It’s fine with the final render…
Thanks again!:slight_smile:

i figured it out, it was so easy:P

i worked on the eyes a little bit…:slight_smile: