Behold! MHSSSbeta04 reprogrammed.

SSS beta4 v1 (Derivative of MHsssbeta4)

Original author: Manuel Bastioni
Derivative author: Apple Grew
description: Does sub-surface scattering. I have NOT changed the algorithm. I have JUST changed the script so that it can be used as a “Script Link”. Hence now u can use the script in animations also. U will find more details on it in the blend file when u open that.
compatibility: 3.40 (should work on older versions)
Download url: U tell me. Actually I don’t have any place where I can host it. It is a zip file (139kB) containing a blend file. Directions to use are in the blend file.

If u can host it somewhere (if u think it is woth it) then please mail me at applegrewDOTblenderATgmailDOTcom. u can contact me there for some knowledge sharing also (though I am just a novice in blender & python) (I can learn something from u) :slight_smile:

Wo I’m very interested by your script. If we can use SSS in animation it will give use nice possibilities :smiley:
To post your blend use h4x’s Free Blender Host.

Thanks! :smiley: For the encouragement & the hosting site url.
Now u can download this from

I hope u like it!

And don’t forget my request. If u make anything interesting then share with me. My email ID is above.