Behold My Creation (3D Camera Tracker)

After learning the basics of the 3D camera tracker in our favorite program, I made this short sequence with some drone footage I had of a roof. This is nowhere near finished (not sure if I’m going to) but I’m proud of the fact that I actually managed to make something that looks somewhat believable.
Apparently we can’t post .gifs so I made a link to my google drive.

Obviously it could use some work. like a more realistic roof (studs and insulation should be showing) and an actual interior instead of that plain wood texture. But It’s a nice proof of concept I think. Also, its only rendered with 100 cycles to save time.

That is not how the construction of a roof looks like.

Nicely done!

Yeah i know. like i said it was just a proof of concept for the 3D camera tracker. It needs things like wooden studs, plywood, insulation ect. to look realistic.

You should ask for this to be moved to a more suitable subforum. Work in Progress, perhaps?

Nicely done. Rock solid tracking. I’d be very happy with the tracking results.
That’s the nice thing about cold/snowy climates - you have an excuse to stay inside and work on fun stuff like this.

I know you said more could be done - so I’m just going to say I’m thinking out loud…
Some broken shingles, spread around, some roofing studs and plywood around the edges, perimeter of the hole.

The comment about roofs not constructed like that… yeah, but I get the idea you wanted to show the perspective of looking inside changes as the camera moves.

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Thanks. Yeah those are some good ideas. I was also thinking of building a more believable interior, with furniture and tables ect… I’ll have to revisit this after I’ve built a few assets.

Technically you would see the ceiling of the room below - insulation and stuff. Besides all that, I still like that it is so rock solid for tracking. Many times I’ve seen camera tracking videos from Blender users and there is some sliding or perspective issues.