I made this image inspired by a game…

one Beholder


Critics and coments are welcome!


i guess how good this one is is all in the eye of the beholder?.. lol

i like it… the skin looks weird tho

Nice! Something about this… I like it!

I enjoy it as well, though a bit higher of a emit value on the eyes would be good.

4 stars, keep it up man.

you know, this actually looks real, like the action figures that are made… 4 stars…

It looks good, however I think you should make it look more intimidating somehow…

Also, just a nerd techincal note here, it should have 10 stalks not 4.

These guys are actually nasty to run up against, and from your model it doesnt look like it would be, though I still like it. Good job.

interesting material

Needs a body :stuck_out_tongue:

Tibia fan!!