Being Good: Malachy

Hey people!
Been a while since I last posted anything. So why not start off with posting all the models for the shortfilm “Being Good” that I worked on the since last year :smiley:
Here’s the fist one: Malachy

(The character was modeled & sculpted mainly in Blender and Zbrush. Shading & rendering was done in Mari & Maya [Arnold])

Here are also some sketchfab models to view the character in more detail (Less detailed rendering though)

For the kickstarter campaign you can also get 3D printed figures of all the main characters from the film. Here’s a preview for Malachy’s figure:

Here are all characters together:

Malachy (or short “Mal”) is the character I was mainly responsible for in the shortfilm “Being Good”. He is one of the three main characters next to Ava (the angel guardian) & Embry (the teenager both are protecting).
To find out more about it visit out kickstarter page! There are some amazing perks and your support would help us a lot to get over the finish line <3

Mal is an experienced and ignorant demonic guardian who thinks that happiness comes from doing whatever you want.
This isn’t always the best advice for a lost teenager but despite Mal’s seemingly careless attitude he is very concerned with Embry’s wellbeing. He also loves teasing Ava and challenging her world view. He has a good heart even though he doesn’t like to show it much.

Thanks to everyone what I got to work with on this:
Concept Artist = Jenny Harder
Sculpting/Modeling/UV = Julien Kaspar / Jean-Pascal Berthiaume
Texturing/Shading = Ferrer Melián
Hair-Grooming = Jean Fidele Iraguha

Brilliant! congratulations!

That’s an awesome, well done!

Love these characters!

Great work! Love the design of the characters :slight_smile:

great work

Nice done.