bell pepper - my first steps with blender

After trying out some tutorials, i decided to take some steps on my own.

I´m not 100% happy with it.
But after 2 days its time to finish it and start something new.

The hardest part is still the ultra user unfriendly user interface.
i´m wondering how long it will take to get used to it.

It’s a very good beginning with Blender! Maybe some hair particles in the stem would be perfect…

Don’t worry about the unfriendly user interface. I thought the same with it during my first steps. It’s a hard learning curve in the first months, but if you keep practicing, you will realize that everything makes sense here, and the shortcuts will be automatic for you. One hand in the mouse and the other in the keyboard, just creating and doing what you really want to.

I wish you good luck with Blender. It was a pain in the ass in the beginning for me, but now it’s my beloved dear friend :wink: Blender rocks!!!

PS. No commission on this speech. I swear!!! :wink:

Awesome lighting and composition and colors! Congratulations!

As for the critics: it looks like you didn’t use fresnel reflection, which would make it even more realistic. Also the glossyness is a bit overdone in my opinion.

Once you learn blender then everything else is slow.

Very good start so far :slight_smile:
It sure will take some time to get to know the UI.
But you will see soon, that it isn’t that user unfriendly at all.
It all makes sense to me know, and I even think it is a very good UI.

Just dont give up :wink: