Bell XF-109

The Bell D-188A (unofficial military designations XF-109 / XF3L ) was a proposed eight-engine Mach 2–capable vertical take-off and landing tiltjet fighter that never proceeded past the mock-up stage.



Love the details you put into this one.

I have to admit I love the larger decals on the proposed sketch of the D-188A. You have them but so small.

Beyond that any plans to make any animations? of this one in action?

I also am wondering (technically speaking) how it covers. I see that the 4 main engines rotate downwards, but how does it maintain that formation? Back engines only proivde forward thrust, unless thrust is somehow redirected?

Either way, nice

I couldn’t find any evidence of where the RCS vents were supposed to be (if anywhere), so rather than making something up, I just left it to the imagination.

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