My visualisation of Bell by Julio Cesar. Concept
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That is pretty much spot on, really good rendition of the concept!

Thanks! Glad did you like it)

I love it! The model and render is great and you captured the concept really well :smiley: Bravo!

Thanks Julien!

Really lovely work!

Very interesting
Well done:yes:

Awesome man!

Excellent work. I was going to comment about the face compared to the concept art but yours is as good. I’m especially impressed with the clothing.

This could easily be in Big Hero 6.

Thank you!!! I am very pleased)

Good point!

Great work bring a great design to 3D life!

Good character, she is beautiful. Perhaps the baseball stick has too high the normal map value.

Thanks for advice, Sergio! I’m argee with you)

This looks great. I wouldn’t even know where to start on pulling off that style, practically looks drawn like the concept. Congrats!

Truly lovely model! No critiques, it’s perfect!

Thank you! Glad that you like it:)

Nice work! I’m reminded of the softball game in Coyote Ugly :wink:

Sigh…! I’ll marry her…:slight_smile:

Well then, I’ve done everything right :slight_smile: