Ben 10's Four arms (fan art)

Was always a fan of this show as a kid especially Four arms. Worked from a concept sculpt that I did in Zbrush, which I then took to Blender for retopology,texturing, additional sculpting and final render with cycles. Looking back there are few aspects I would want to correct but unfortunately time is not always on your side.


Head Close up

Wow, this is really impressive work here, looks just like Four Arms!

(Glad you did the original Four Arms and not the Omniverse version as well. :slight_smile: )

Thank you


nice wireframe! and great model :slight_smile:

Cool! Keep up the good work!

very nice, I am also fan of the show and fourarms, always wanted to create this but don’t have enough skills :frowning:

brilliant actually… i myself was a great fan of that show and what you’ve made looks abolutely stunning. great work
will you consider mabe doing others aswell?