Bench (WIP)

This started as just a bench illuminated by the spotlight with nothing visible beyond it. The streets and wall in the background were added later as a suggestion to me.

I don’t know what else to add, yet it seems as if something is missing to me. (Yes I did realize that part of the curb is missing, something I need to fix)


I think what’s missing is some sort of interest point. Just having a bench illuminated by a streetlamp looks cool, but it provokes no interest. There’s nothing that makes me stop and think. Of course, that assumes that you’re going for an introspective feeling…my opinion would be to add some sort of object to the scene that tells a story in its own way. Some graffiti on the sidewalk or a clock of some sort (displaying a very late time) or something like that. In a word, I think what’s missing is the subject. You have a great focal point, but it doesn’t tell me anything.

I don’t think the background should be illuminated quite so much. Also, unless the moon is very close, the top of the streetlamp would hardly be lit at all.

I like your modelling for this. Simple & clean. Once you have the curb in place it will look pretty nice, I think.

Alright, thanks for the suggestions pickle.

You mentioned the background…I’ve played around with it so much, yet your right, it does seem too lit. However, without an area light way off to the side like i have, barely anything around the bench is visible and it looks much like the original design where just the bench is visible and nothing else. I’ll try dimming it and see how it looks.

Ah yes…a focal point. Right again you are. I like the idea of a clock. I’ll mess around and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the ideas :smiley:

Maybe you could put lines in the sidewalk like the real deal. Also, give the road a rough texture. And give the sky some stars.

Those are my noticements(making up words).

Great blendering though and I like the light set up:)

You could also reduce what looks like tiling in the brick texture you have in the scene