Any thoughts?

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Very nice! The composition, lighting, and materials are very good. I like it a lot! :slight_smile:

My first realction was mostly the same one than ShadowCamero aint one point in the composition.

To be honest your image is already better than anything I have done myself, but there is one thing that bother me.

The strongest line in your image, who is actualy a curve, lead our eyes to the right top corner of your bench that is out of the image making me think that cuting the tip of the corner was a bad call.

I think that’s why, alongs with golden and third guide, the blender camera has safe zone guids in it’s settings. So you keep your model in this safety zone and don’t cut a corner who will push the eye just outside of the frame.

beautiful,nice composition and mood -complete and effective.i am wondering if you can add some object(newspaper?) left on the bench,to add to the story.

Another problem is that the rear legs of the bench appear to be translucent.

In general, also, this is a “bulls-eye composition,” which divides the frame exactly in half and positions the top edge of the bench precisely(!) on that line. This is generally thought to be undesirable, in favor of the “rule of thirds.”

There are two or more obvious-to-the-eye “bands” as distance decreases, one of them most-improbably coinciding exactly with the rear of the bench, and a second one about-equally beyond.

Finally, there are “gratuitous, firefly-like lens flares” which are entirely unnecessary. (Please clean your lens and shoot again.) And the left-hand railing of the deck is simply … out of focus.

All of these, momentarily stand in the way of the certain(!) success of a shot which, despite its present rendering-issues, convey a very peaceful, even dreamy quality … nice color balance, excellent decking texture with nice warm light-tones, very nice sense of place. In other words, my friend, I cordially suggest that “you are trying too hard.” :yes:

omit some of the unnecessary doo-dads that you’re trying to add, reposition the camera slightly, and let the resulting shot coast on in to the Gallery where it will belong. You were in the right place at the right time, on a solitary deck at dawn. Just take the picture. Just, take the picture.

Your comments really helped me here. I will try to do everything you said, and see what happens

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This is good. However I think that you should maybe have a slightly more overlooking position. Right now you can barely see the bench’s seating because of the level of the camera, this feels a bit odd, but it might just be me. Also touch up the fence’s texture on the right side, it looks particularly blank.

Really like your concept here and what you’ve done with it so far. I agree with oinkinator about the lack of texture on the fence, although I am not sure how you are trying to portray that element of the image. I like how the background of the image is out of focus, but wonder if there could be one other detail in the focused area of the image (object on the bench, etc) to really make the concept pop? If this isn’t what you are going for then ignore - I really like it as is!

Oinkinator and pashm, I will definitly look into that

This is definitely better, but I really liked the effect of the sun glare kind of blowing out the image. It made the whole thing look like it was taken with a camera and not created in the computer. Maybe find a balance between this image and your first?

Excellent work!