Bend a strip

Perhaps it is a simple question. But I am not able to solve it. I am trying to create a " C " shape by bending the strip on which I marked the bend marks using the knife tool. But when I try to select the top edge or the whole upper face to bend, it never bends as intended. It would nice to know how to make 2 simple bends along the knife marks to make a shape that looks like " C ". Thanks.

What exactly are you doing to bend and what exatctly is failing?

If you want a round β€œC” you will more geometry, i.e. more cuts.

If you want a rectangular β€œC” you don’t need to bend. Just delete the upper and lower polygon and extrude the edges you made with the knife tool to the left.

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Thanks. It works. How can we " hold " an edge or face and rotate the rest of the object ? For example, would it be possible to " hold " the upper cut in the strip and bend the rest of the strip downwards based on the cut act as a hinge ?