Bend modifier not working as intended

Trying to bend a plane to roughly resemble a visor for a helmet. Trying to use the bend modifier but it only bends the corners of the mesh in instead of thr whole outside edge. Tried many different axis angles. Applying rotation scale etc… nothing is working.

Do you have enough segments in your visor?
Posting an image showing the problem and modifier settings would help a lot. Without one it is nearly impossible to tell what is wrong.

Thanks for the response. I will follow up with some more info shortly. And yes. Thr whole plane has been subdivided.

The bend modifier always gives me headaches :exploding_head:

I have attached a few screenshots. Basically I placed a plane in the middle of the visor area. I want to first bend it on the Y axis to reach the left and right side of the helmet. Then bend it again in the X axis to bend it so it wraps from the 3d cursor to the upper back portion of the helmet. Then I was going to stitch it into the existing mesh.

So where does it bend only the corners?

Sorry I should have been more clear, when I added a cube in the center of the helmet as a reference point for the bend modifier it stopped just bending the corner verts. But the problem now is that it bends the bottom verts more than the top ones. So now it looks like an upside down lamp shade.