bend modifier??

newbie question…first time post…excuse naivety.,.,
but is there a way to bend a cylinder to an angle ??
also how come there r 2 different displays of the raymir button…one time i can see the depth and next i cant??? :expressionless:

  1. You can use a Lattice, Curve or Armature.

  2. Sorry, no idea what you’re talking about.


thanx fligh,
1>how do i apply the deformations??
2>the raymir button in the materials panel=mirror transp displays two different panels below it …one time depth spinner is displayed…next time=frsoff and no depth spinner. is this a new thing in 2.4?

  1. F9 buttons, Modifiers tab, each modifier has an ‘Apply’ button.

  2. The FrameOffSet is a Yafray button, the Depth is Blender.


thanx 4 the reply…opened my eyes…i followied u r advice for modifiers…tried to apply them after subdividing…but it gives me the error message: modifier is disabled or returned error…skipping apply? does this have anything to do with python??

No, nothing to do with Python. What do you mean by “after subdividing”?

I can’t get those error messages. Lattice deformation is applied to a cube and a SubSurfed cube without error. Post a .blend if you can.


i couldn’t apply them first…thought maybe more segments r needed…so subdivided a cylinder into 4 part…but the modifier gives me the error described earlier…
btw…hny2006 fligh%