Bend straw problem,please help me,have image

First i make this.

then i bend it.

but the result not my want…beacuse if in 3d views rotation 45 angle, it can be see mesh have staggered problem…

so i try to use shape key like this.

but some question here,when i use shape key,it move linear,and it length transform…

How can i solve this problem? if you know,please help me thank you!!:persevere:

This is my test file.

bend_test.blend (730.0 KB)

I try to use simple deform to bend,but it also can’t do what i want…

so i try to change the origin like this ,and use shape key deform,but still have move linear problem…

It would seem the vertices of the joint are too high to smoothly transition across the joint with auto-skinning, you could either weightpaint the vertices or simply move them like this:-


Here’s a fixed version:bend_test_fix.blend (696.3 KB)

Hi! thank you for your reply first,i saw your fix file,but still have one problem

I upload a new file and now i know what i want like, like a straw bend

bend_test.blend (874.9 KB)

Hi, have you considered adding a subdivision modifier after the armature, this will smooth out a lot. The alternative to using shape keys is to use more bones, if there is one bone per edge-loop then you will have total control over the curvature, though it makes animating more complicated, but it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve for final output.

I had try to add subdivisions,not my want end effect.

I will try more bone to contorl the straw bend,thank you!:grinning:

but i still try to looking for some quick method to do this,i have no idea a straw bend perfect so diffcult…

think is easy,but not.:persevere:

Maybe I’m odd for thinking of a different approach, but perhaps a bendy-bone that spans the length of the intermediate joint section? Or does that complicate it too much? (As it may need some meta-rig stuff to constrain and preserve a general pivot area.)