bending things without too much deformation ?

i tried to make a complicated curve and then use retopo onto a dome

but this creates a lot of weird deformation and major distortion1

cause retopo is a 90 degress projection !

now i’m gone test with some curve deform and see what it gives
but not certain cause on a dome i will need 2 curve deform to get it done

so is there another way to deform without too much distortion on a dome ?


  • Once you have created your complicated your curve , do not retopo, just be sure it has a good resolution.
  • Go to Object Mode and click on Object -> Convert to -> Mesh from Curve/…
  • Go back to Edit Mode and now retopo to project the mesh on the dome surface
  • Go back to Object Mode and click on Object -> Convert to -> Curve from Mesh to reconvert back your Mesh into a Curve.

This way you have your curve projected on the dome without having been distorted.

not certain why you say it won’t have distortion !

anyway i did a test with curve defomr on my complicated curve
and it looks a lot better then doing retopo

retopo does a 90 projecion which in some cases is good but in this case it is not looking food too much distortion!

see pic with curve deform

compared to retopo there is way less distortion i think