Bendy bones keep constant length

Beny bones are quite handy when moving cord-like legs. But you can by bending and stretching make the legs longer. I want to keep the length of the legs of my character constant at all time.

Is there a way to keep the length constant?
So it kan be stretched for bending and moving but no added length?


The first leg (left) is my standard. the second is stretched.

the handle bones of the bendy bone are not usually used for keying animation . Those are usually a sub-rig to modify the deformations but the animation chain should remain a simple two bones chain.
Then you constraint your handle bones to the Fk chain.

thank you bourdul for the quick reply. I see what you mean, a sub-rig.

So if I understand correctly the 2 armature main rig can be coupled to the bendy-bone rig.

Can you tell me what bone constraint to use ?
I am guessing the bendy bone rig is the one with the bone constraint applied to it.

copy transform in world space, use head/tail at 1 for the last anchor

Thanks, I will try this