Beneath a Steel Sky

I wanted to kind of recreate this scene from one of my favorite classic adventure games of all time. I was wondering how it’d look if Revolution made a remake.

When I first saw this screenshot in the mid 90s I was totally immersed, I just wanted to play it right away.

Storytelling and pixel art at its finest. Fantastic original artwork by Dave Gibbons.

-Beneath a Steel Sky by Revolution Software

Blender (Octane) + Photoshop

If you’d like to see more lo-fi arts like this, find me on Instagram.


Just for fun (and completeness), more pixel art:

Beneath a Steel Sky 2 (1995) :smiley:


Great picture. Loved the game back then. :heart_eyes: :+1:



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Thanks mate!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks, you too!

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really well done! I love this game and this remake looks fantastic!

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Thanks mate! :+1:

Another cool point 'n click from Revolution I highly recommend is Lure of the Temptress.


This is insane considering most of the stuff is blurred ! Foreground and the biiiggg background… (nontheless it has to build)…

Edit: Okay now you telling me the background is painted… anyway whatever very nice…

Thanks! :+1:

Actually the bg isn’t painted, it’s just simple geometry w/ simple materials crumpled together. Since it’s far off in the distance and blurred it gives the illusion of more details than there really are (and then some post-processing and tweaking in Photoshop).

Puuuh, i hoped so :wink: … of course such background don’t has to be super precise but i always found so super asset bashed things… well… looks not so good…

Funny thing: Did you looked on their website (Revolution Software:Beneath a Steel Sky)?

Version details
Game Release: 1994
Mobile Release: 2009
Latest Update: 2020

And just saw the intro on YT…

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Wait – what? Look here: RevolutionSoftwareOfficial YT.

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Creative photography & cinematography at it’s best… The illusion of reality.

Very nice work!

(And… keep it simple.)

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I love Revolution’s games. Back in the time I remember wishing so hard a BASS sequel after I finished it. And then, about 15 years later there is finally a sequel from the original creators and I still haven’t found time to play it! :sweat_smile:

Cool, thanks!

Thanks man! Keep it simple is my philosophy whenever possible (otherwise it’d take ages to end a scene).

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So true in many other things… :cry:… now thinking about it… :sob:

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Neat. Cool idea for a project. You made it so much better LOL
When I was first looking without reading I came to the 2nd image and wondered if you had done some pixelated filters and added some retro text, but then I realized

Lol thanks! A friend of mine told me the same thing after quickly looking at them :grin: