Benelli M4

Took probably about 20 hours worth of work spread out across like 2 weeks to make it and I feel that it was worth it!

I made all the textures with the exception of the scratches normal map, and the safety button.

The lines on the pistol grip and stock are hand made.

There is a noise texture bump on the plastic parts, sorry if it makes the render look noisy.

Verts: 92074, Faces: 91373, Tris: 182193, 8 different materials although some are just for the text.
Render size is 1000x1000, 300 samples

Render size is 4000x1600, 350 samples

More renders to come, including wireframe and side views.

Right side orthographic view, 2000x800, 200 samples:

Here is the “height” map I used for the stock/grip:

Top view, 2000x100, 200 samples:

Left view, 2000x800, 200 samples:

nice job! It looks great! One thing that kinda bothers me is that it doesn’t look like the pump can move, but i don’t really know that much about guns, so I might be wrong.

Yeah I noticed that too actually, but this is almost exact with the reference image. Thanks for the comment though!

When will we get to we the wireframe?^^ The modeling looks clean!

This gun is semi auto, thats why it has a pull part by the receiver:

Dope as!!! keep it up man!