BEngine for Unity

Welcome to BEngine for Unity! This tool will allow you to bring your Blender Geometry Nodes into Unity.

MISSION: Provide procedural open source tools for Unity.



Unity Thread


  • Procedural meshes generation

  • Procedural instances generation (be_instance attribute)

  • Unity Materials support (be_material attribute)

  • UVs support (uv_map, uv_map2, uv_map3 … uv_map8 attributes)

  • Vertex Colors support (be_color attribute)

  • Inputs support inside of Unity UI (Tabs, Foldouts, Separators, Labels, Objects, Floats, Integers, Strings, Textures)

Examples for Unity 2021 HDRP are included!



looks awesome!

I already stated in youtube how cool this is so congratulations for the great work, my question is if this could work at runtime on a build. I explored this with houdini back in the day but the license constraints were the main problem.

I would like to know if it is possible to make a webgl build for authoring parametric objects from the browser, I’m not a programmer so I just want to know it it would be feasible .

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For realtime I need to write a server and a client. It’s too much work for me. Maybe someday…

No webgl unfortunately.

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Oh I understand, anyway keep it up! thanks!

This looks great, I was looking for something similar to the Houdini server for unity and this engine cover what I need, I have a question, in the materials video, the project is configured for an HDRP template so I want to know if the materials can be used with a URP template?.

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Hi Alex, thank you. Any renderer fits. Just assign your materials.

There is still no curve support but it will be in next version. Also, there will be Sverchok probably.

Hi, Paul, do you have any plans to add support for nested custom nodes, relatively complex setups cannot do without them, unfortunately, now, before exporting to unity, we have to ungroup all to make it work.

Sorry, what are the nested nodes? Could you please describe the issue more and provide a simple blend file to reproduce the issue?

For example this will work fine

but if I gathered some nodes to the group like here

BEngine throws: Node group can only have one geometry input
Looks like it founds inputs of nested node.

Hi @AlSo ,
Thanks for the bug report. Please replace 141 line in file to:

bengine_GN =[be_paths.node_sys_name]

This should fix the groups issue.

It will be included in next release.

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Amazing !

A few days ago i thought about the idea of importing GN to unity ( and finally concluded that it would be better and simpler to set them up completely in U3D instead of importing them… )

And it’s here :smiley:
Thanks for this great tool @mifth :smiley:

And happy blending !

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