Benjamin Discovery Air Rifle WIP

Okay, here’s my latest… It’s not just a gun, but an air gun… It’s an air gun I’m gonna raise money to buy soon :stuck_out_tongue: But the point of this thread is, to find out how I’m doing so far… Oh, and the topology, has no tris or ngons :wink:

It looks like you are trying to go for a realistic approach, if so, if would be good for us to see the real gun’s image for comparison, but anyway, this model looks like its close to a real weapon, but the problem is, it looks kinda “goofy” (couldnt find a decent sentence), or cartoonish, the stock looks a bit too soft and curvy, it doesnt have the sharp edges a reals stock would have, again, i dont know the real weapon, i could be wrong…
But anyways, as i said, it looks like its just a matter of tweaking :slight_smile:

Here’s my reference… And, is it possible that the matcap is portraying it to be soft and curvy? IDK… I just don’t think it’s too soft :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s a looks at the topology as well:

Hello Joey

I think the modeling on this gun is great. Are you going to do the aiming sights(at the end of the barrel)? If you are going for realism then you might want to model those as well. Other than that there is not much to say.

Nope… Let the buyers add them… :slight_smile:
Here’s the final result: